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Vedic Astrology

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Jyotish is the “eye of the Vedas” and the highest limb that was taught in ancient India as a preparation for understanding the Vedas from a scientific point of view (astronomy and the Gods as forces of nature - Nakshatras). Ultimately, it helps along with Swami's Jyotish meditation, Satwic food, Bhajans and the Gaytari mantra in raising ones vibration and opening ones inner intuitive eye by exercising the analytical, logical left brain with the symbolic right brain and allowing the jyotish to bring the intelligence of the mind into the heart such that you become one (in the light of consciousness) with the object of contemplation (ie. the chart & person).... I hope this is enough of a reason for it to be eventually bought back into an associative, metaphoric method in schools. If only to make
people learnt by association and metaphor as well as by the usual literal and mathematical ways, the language of jyotish could help spiritualise education.

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Self Teaching Hindu Predictive Astrology Lessons

1 - 67 Chapters

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Vedic Astrology Course may help one become more self-aware and capable of seeing past events with new understanding through insightful guidance from an experienced teacher or instructor specialized in both eastern philosophy and western science perspectives on Kundalini & Jyotish (Astromonomical). With such expertise there could easily be improvement on all areas including finances, relationships etc.. Those interested in seeking predictions for current events based upon ancient teachings most definitely should actively pursue continuing education classes dealing with these matters like any other skill set they aim too acquire knowledge from knowledgeable experts rather than dabbling single handedly without professional consultation.

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