The Other Side of Death: Upanisadic Eschatology

The Other Side of Death: Upanisadic Eschatology

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In his original study on the other side of death: Upanisadic Eschatology Dr. Borman brings the standards of science and philosophy to the interpretation of these often romanticized texts. He argues that while other classical thanatological texts do amp wide range of after death courses only the Upanisads give a systematic interpretation of the principle after death path as so many natural routes to the realization of our own native immortality. In support of this contention Dr. Borman presents an entirely new analysis of the anatomy of the jiva and its evolutionary relationship to Brahman (God) and provides fresh interpretations of the pedagogy and metaphorical language of the Upanishads. Further he clearly demonstrates their symbolical construction and meditative intent of these texts. Finally Dr. Borman explore his analysis in light of the evolutionary spiritualism of Swami Ramananda and the near death investigations of Dr. Raymond Moody and in conclusion show how these might aid in contemporizing Upanisadic studies placing them on a surer philosophical and scientific footing.

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William A. Borman
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