The Mystique Of Gems And Stones

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This book contains all the details that the author has learned by such extensive journey in search of collection and knowledge. It tells as to how wearing he variety of gems, semi-precious stones, the lockets, the rights, the talismans made out of them, the quantum of which element in which object and putting them on person following which guidelines of ritualistic process as ordained in the persons faith and mindset-all have been discussed. Gems are used to dispel evil impact of planets occurring at various stages of a person’s life. Gems also enhance already existing favourable aspects apart from their use in various diseases in the form of medicines. Certain gems are costly but can be substituted by cost effective gems but then all gems do not suit all persons alike. This book throws ample light on all the relevant aspects concerning gems. The book will serve as a guide to the inquisitive readers who were feeling handicapped due to non-availability of a suitable book-this book fills the gap.

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Bhojraj Dwivedi
Diamond Books

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