The Life of The Buddha and The Early History of His Order

The Life of The Buddha and The Early History of His Order

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The first part of the book contains a substantial and connected analysis, and frequently literal translations, of the greater part of the historical or legendry texts contained in the Tibetan Dulva or Vinayapitaka, and probably the oldest portion of the Bkah-hgyur. The Book Contains the following chapters – Ch. 1 History of the world from the times of its renovation to the reign of Cuddhodana, Father of the Buddha, Ch. 2 From the reign of Cuddhodana until the commencement of the Buddha’s ministry, Ch.3 Life of the Buddha from the commencement of his ministry until the reign of Ajatastru, Ch. 4 From the commencement of Ajatasatru’s reign to the death of the Buddha, Ch. 5. History of the Church during the hundred and ten years which followed the Buddha’s death, Ch. 6 History of the school of Buddhism, Ch. 7 The early history of Bod-Yul (Tibet), and Ch. 8 The early history of Liyul (Khotan) The book also contains appendices which deals with 1. Extracts From Bhgavati 15 On The Intercourse Between Mahavira (i.e. Nigantha Nataputta) And Gosala Mankhaliputta, By Dr. Ernst Leumann, The Doctrines of The Six Heretical Teachers, According To The Chinese Versions Of The Samana-Phala Sutra, By Bunyin Nanjio, ESQ

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William Woodville Rockhill
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