The Concise English Sanskrit Dictionary

The Concise English Sanskrit Dictionary

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The aim in the preparation of this work has all along been to express accurately in simple and classical Sanskrit the various sense of al common words and phrases collected form well-known and upto date English Dictionaries, care being taken not to overload the work with words which as ordinary reader of English his hardly expected to come across in the course of his reading. Thus ;this work is of two fold: Firstly, incorporating new English words and phrases and finding suitable Sanskrit equivalents for them – a work of peculiar difficulty, and secondly, of eschewing those which have either become obsolete or which being purely technical are used only in philosophical or scientific treatises. Several ways of compressing words into a small volume, such as syllabic replacement and super-addition has therefore to be resorted to. This work will be useful to the students and ordinary writers of varnaculars who many have to run for suitable Sanskrit word of expression when a common English word presents a difficulty in its translation into a vernacular.

The present edition is the first newly composed and revised edition of famous V.G Apte’s English-Sanskrit Dictionary. The font size as well as spacing has been enhanced to improve the readability of the words.

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Vasudeo Govind Apte
English Text with Sanskrit Translation
Parimal Publication

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