The Brhajjatakam of Varaha Mihira

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The Jyotisa Sastra is counted as one of the six angas of the Vedas. All the religious rites and sacrifices of the Hindus are guided by Astronomy and Astrology, both of which are included in the Jyotisa Sastra. Indeed, Astrology is considered as the eye of the Vedas. Astrology gives us the know ledge of our past karmas, how to fight against it, as well as how to work out our fresh deeds, so that we can get rid of this wheel of karma and be free.
The Brhat Jataka of Varaha Mihira is generally considered all over India as one of the best and most authoritative treatises on the science of Hindu Horoscopy. In fact, Varaha Mihira is recognised as the greatest of the Indian Astrologers. There are four commentaries on this work. The well-known is that of Bhatta Utpala; another is known as Subodhini; the third is Mudraksari, and the fourth is known as Sripatiyam. The commentary of Bhatta Utpala is followed in this work.
The present edition of Brhajjataka includes original Sanskrit text and side by side English translation of Swami Vijnananand. The English translation is assisted and supported with various examples and notes at appropriate places. There is an Index of verses at the end of the book for ready reference of readers.

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Swami Vijnananda
Sanskrit Text with English Translation
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