Tantra Yoga, Nada Yoga and Kriya Yoga

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Tantra sadhana includes the recitation of mantras performance of rituals through yantras and an adjustment of one self of the particular degree of reality, which is the specific meaning of degree of reality which is the specific meaning of tantra. In this process one has to learn many mimor details directly from the guru. The purification of the body, the mind and one’s social relations are all impotant preparations for the sadhana . the usual shodashopachara-puja or the sixteen-limbed worship addressed to a deity, is also the procedure applicable to anything and everything that one adores regards, or loves. By worship,one seeks union with the deity through an abolition of the separation of oneself from the deity.the mysterious processes called nyasa (anga-nyasa and kara-nyasa) are,again,inward techniques of feeling the object inoneself, the Deity in one’s own being. All this would make it abundantly clear that the tantra sadhana is as highly scientific and precise, as it is difficult and dangerous. This is its speciality.

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Sri Swami Sivananda
Divine Life Society

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