Tantra Mantra Yantra: The Tantra Psychology

Tantra Mantra Yantra: The Tantra Psychology

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The Tantras can be both a fascinating and a frustrating study. There is a deliberate vagueness about them, and even the authorities are found to mislead. The erotic and occult involvements are needlessly brought into focus in recent publications. Here is an attempt to explore the psychological bases of the general Tantrik ideology.The author has tried to reconstruct the Tantrik system in terms of yantra and mantra. He has emphasized the value of Tantra for contemplative success and for personality reintegration.The book is an authoritative and explanatory. The illustrations are traditionally accurate and original.Vidyalankara, Sastra Chudamini, Sangita-Kalaratna, Professor Saligrama Krishna Ramachandra Rao, was a well-known scholar who had combined traditional learning with modern research. Well versed I Sanskrit, Pali, Ardhmagadhi and several modern Indian languages and acquainted with Tibetan and some European languages, he had written extensively on Vedanta, Buddhism, Janism, Indian Culture, Art and Literature.He had written more than Sixty Books in Kannada, a Play in Sanskrit, and a Pali Commentary on a Buddhist classic. One of his books on Iconography in Kannada has won the State Sahitya Academy Award, as also another of his Book on the Tirupati Temple.Some of the books he had authored are Encyclopaedia of Indian Iconography, Agama Encyclopaedia, Lalita Kosha, Sri Vidya Kosha,Tantric Practices in Sri Vidya, Sri Cakras, Yantra.

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Prof. S.K. Ramachandra Rao
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