Sixteen Minor Smrtis: 2 Volumes

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The Scriptural writings of the Hindus are divided, mainly into two classes Sruti and Smrti. According to the belief of the Hindus. Smrti also is of divine origin; the difference between it and the Veda consists in the fact that in the Hindu system of Law the sense is recorded either in the divine words or other equivalent expressions.

This set of two books is a collection of sixteen minor smrtis. Namely Atri, Usana, Angirasa, Yama, Samvarta, Satatapa and Vasistha. Each of these smrtis is named after their creators. All of them were hermits with great wisdom. These are actually the codes of law that describe in brief about various laws such as laws relating to purification, laws relating to treasure-finds, laws about witnesses, laws about conduct, laws about thefts, duties of king etc. Further they describe about various penances under the Prayascitta portion.

This edition has been compiled first time with the original Sanskrit Text and English Translation by M. N. Dutt. The editor of the present edition has further enhanced the English Translation by replacing the older usage of English words with the corresponding modern equivalents. He has done a significant labour to put the Sanskrit Text and English Translation side by side for the benefit of readers and practitioners. He has also corrected the Sanskrit Text at various places. The diacritical notations has also been corrected at various places in the English Translation portion.

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Manmatha Nath Dutt
Sanskrit Text, English Translation, Notes and Introduction
Parimal Publication

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