Science and Spirituality in Vedic Tradition

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‘Science and Spirituality in Vedic Tradition’ as the name of the volume, is an effort to present the Vedic tradition in a concise form in reference to spirituality and science. The aim of spirituality and science is to search the truth behind the creation. Generally, it is said that both are different journeys to discover and inquire into the truth, but in actuality these two ways are complimentary to each other. Vedic Tradition approves a holistic approach. Intense research and deep thought supported with critical views are required to know the concepts of ancient Indian thinkers.

This current edited volume consists of 26 papers written in English which were presented at the 19'h India Conference of WAVES organized with the collaboration of Delhi Sanskrit Academy at its campus on November 2015 on the theme 'Science and Spirituality in Vedic Traditions: Modern Context'. These papers are by some well-known scholars of Vedic and Sanskrit Studies such as, Prof .S.R. Bhatt, Mr. Rohit Chauhan, Prof. Shashi Tiwari, Prof. Radey Shyam Kaushal, Dr. Asha Rani Tripathi, Dr. Urmila Rustagi, Dr. Vedawati Vaidik, Dr. Shakuntala Bora, Dr. Pankaja Ghai Kaushik, Dr. Soma Basu, Dr. Bharati Sharma, Ms. Kavya Vaddadi, Dr. Kamla Arora, Mr. Subodh Kumar, Dr. Pradeep Rai, Prof. Om Vikas, Dr. Priyanka Mishra. Their contributions certainly amplify the value to this literary effort. Almost all aspects of Indian insights on the main theme are covered in this collection of edited papers.

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Shashi Tiwari
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