Sarada Tilaka Tantram

Sarada Tilaka Tantram

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The work by Laksmanadesika comprises Twenty-five chapters. The commentator Ragahvabhatta states that of the 25 chapters of the Sarada-tilaka, chapters 1-24 correspond to the 24 tattvas of Samkhya Philosophy and the last one devoted to yoga, show that Purusa of Samkhya is beyond Prakriti and Vikriti. The first chapter is Prakriti as it discusses creation. Chapters ii-xxiv deals with Prakriti-Vikriti. In this work Siva is represented both as Saguna and Nirguna according to how he is identified with Prakriti or differentiated from it. From Prakriti or Sakti arises Nada which gives rise to Bindu. The interesting features of this work are practices for subjugation of women, destruction of enemies and Tantras for malevolent purpose. Diksa, purscarana and nyasa figure Prominently in it Chapters vii-xxiii deals with the mantras of Saraswati, Lakshmi, Bhuvneswari, Durga, Tripura, Ganesha and Candramas. This work contains list of works known and unknown. It draws materials from Astronomical and Mathematical works. Though generally sober, this work lays down the six malevolent rites, and prescribes the propitiation of the respective presiding deities. The drawing of yantras for malefic purposes is also proscribed. It should also be noted that unlike many other works of this kind it is free from the usual practices of the Vamamarga.

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