Rudraksha Magic

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Rudraksha Beads have unexplained and amazing powers. Everyone who wears the Rudraksha beads finds that it enhances peace of mind, tranquility, better health, success, prosperity and good luck. Depression and melancholia is something the Rudraksha Beads can tackle outright. They ae also known as 'worry beads'. Merely on holding the Rudraksha beads in hand or wearing them even for few hours one can very clearly feel the heightened energy levels, deep state of relaxation and tranquil feeling. We do Feel much better and different when Rudraksha beads touch our body.

Contents: Story of Rudraksha-Side 1 of the Story Story of Rudraksha-Side 2 of the Story Sama-Veda Jabala Upanishad Atharva-Veda Jabala Upanishad Skanda Purana-The Glory of Rudraksha Importance of Rudraksha More Details on Rudraksha Different types of Rudrakshas Introduction & properties of Rudraksha Types of Rudraksha-Planetary Effects Identification of Real Rudraksha Fake Rudraksha Beads How to take care of your Rudraksha Mala Care & Prevention while wearing Rudraksha How to ear Rudraksha?

Wearing Rudraksha for the first time Rudraksha in disease control Rudraksha & Stress Control Medicinal Value of Rudrakasha Rudraksha-One Mukhi Rudraksha-Two Mukhi Rudraksha-Three Mukhi Rudraksha-Four Mukhi Rudraksha-Five Mukhi Rudraksha- Six Mukhi Rudraksha-Seven Mukhi Rudraksha-Eight Mukhi Rudraksha-Nine Mukhi Rudraksha-Ten Mukhi Rudraksha-Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha-Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha-Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha-Fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha-Sixteen Mukhi Rudraksha-Seventeen Mukhi Rudraksha-Eighteen Mukhi Rudraksha-Nineteen Mukhi Rudraksha-Twenty Mukhi Rudraksha-Twenty-one Mukhi Rudraksha-Garb-Gauri Rudraksha-Trijuti Rudraksha-Ganesh Rudraksha-Gauri Shankar F.A.Q.'s Adentum-Pooja Difficult words made easy.

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Dr. Mohan Makkar Ph.D.(A.M.) & Dr. Geeta
Winsome Books India