Practice Of Karma Yoga

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The nectar-like of His Holiness. Sri Swami Sivananda Saraswati, the incomparable saint of the Himalayas, famous in song and legend, are too well-known to the intelligent public as well as to the earnest aspirant of knowledge Divine. Their aim and object is nothing but emancipation from the wheel of births and deaths through absorption of the Jiva with the supreme Soul. Now, this emancipation can be had only through right knowledge.

It is an undisputed fact that it is almost a herculean task for the man in the street, blinded as he is by worldly desires of diverse kinds, to forge his way to realisation of God. Not only is it his short-sightedness that stands in the way but innumerable other difficulties and obstacles hamper the progress onward towards the goal. He is utterly helpless the someone who has successfully trodden the path, comes to his aid or rescue, takes him by the hand, leads him safely through the inextricable traps and pitfalls of worldly temptation and desires, and finally brings him to his destination which is the crowning glory of the be-all and end-all of life, where all suffering ceases and all quest comes to an end. This realisation is nothing but the knowing of the self as the real self, the one without a second.

This volume is, as the title will show, a book that has been carefully prepared for the benefit of those who are intricately placed in life that they cannot read of the path of renunciation or Sannyasa. Certainly, unless one cleanses the augean stables of his mind an expurgates all impurities through selfless and disinterested service while living amid the toil and moil of the world, he will find himself in a fool's paradise, when he puts on the second orange-coloured garb to follow the path of renunciation. So one has to do Karma Yoga first ceaselessly and untiringly, and develop all noble qualities such as cosmic love, endurance, nobility and Brahmachary a, and thus equip himself for the great ensuing battle royal, and finally come out the victor.

The present work. Practice of Karma Yoga, coming as it does, from the inspired and enlightened pen of Swami Sivanandaji, is, as usual, a safe and sound guide to reach the goal in view of the aspirant. Those who have had the good fortune to know of Sri Swami Sivanandaji and his writings-from the biggest volume to the sixteen-page pamphlet distributed free to those who ask the those who do not ask-will agree with us how infallible his writings are, how simple and lucid is the language he employs in order that what he writes may be accessible not only to the university graduate, but also to him or her who ahs a working knowledge of English, and how sincere and earnest the author is in his unquenchable thirst to be even a 'particle' of service to his brethren. Pregnant with the magnetism of a Jivanmukta or liberated sage, they cannot but uplift the seeker after Truth to ineffable heights of spiritual glory, bliss and peace.

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