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shri mantreswara's 'phaladeepika' holds a most distinguished position amongst the great ancient astrological classics alongwith brihat parasara hora sastra, varahmihira's brihat jataka and vaidya natha's jataka parijata. it deals in a most comprehensive and authoritative manner with almost all the astrological aspects of human life. there can be said to be nothing that this great work has
omitted from its purview. some of the important subjects dealt with in a lucid manner in the book are: description and characteristic features of the various signs, planets and bhavas (houses), the various kinds of strengths of planets and their awasthas with their
effects, sources of livelihood, yogas or planetary combinations leading to affluence and poverty, effects of planets in different houses, effects of different ascendants, female horoscopy, matters relating to matrimony and progeny determination of longevity, judgment of houses, various kinds of dasas and their effects, ashtakavarga and its importance in the judging of effects of transit of planets, transit effects of planets and constellations, and description and influence of upagrahas.




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