Light on Yoga and Sufism

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Today people in the East and West have lost faith in the spirituality, but yet continue to understand that their life is not meaningless. Naturally, they turn to Yoga and Sufism to unravel the power of their internal realm. The Philosophy of Yoga and Sufism deals with the mysteries of creation, universe and the life on the planet Earth. It encourages a seeker to explore as to where we came from, purpose of our existence, and the problems of survival since the beginning of time.
In this book, emphasis has been given to the concept of Sufi and Yoga practices, its origin and its role in today's materialistic world.
The discoveries made in the field of astrology and the influence of different planets on our lifestyle and our destiny are especially helpful. It enables us to understand certain facts of our Yogic and Sufi life as there is a relationship between the laws of higher life and the life as it exists on this physical plane.
The evolution of the Yoga and Sufism has been examined with great concern and its involvement in a fulfilling, happy, and healthy life the Sufi way.
Yoga and Sufism offers mankind the methods to develop the universal existence and it enlightens society to a path of morality, compassion and virtuous living. Individuals from every culture, race, sex and economic status can be benefited from it; they can transform in order to realize the truth.
The mystic practices of Yoga and Sufism have their roots in the ancient scriptures, when the mystics of truth with their keen observations discovered the finer forces of nature. They also uncovered the finer forces that govern our physical, mental and spiritual being.Regular practice of Asanas, Pranayama and Tamarkoz is a practical path to discover one's self. Tamarkoz means 'concentration of abilities and Chakra energies.' It involves deep breathing, mind and body relaxation and meditative movements.Regular practices can help a seeker control their mind and concentrate on their chosen ideals, which brings about perfect equilibrium between the body, mind and soul. This enables them to advance into a higher form of Consciousness.To delve into the Sufi and Yoga philosophy and also Astrology, a seeker with an understanding attitude may resolve the complex' nature of our existence on this planet.In this book mistakes are an indicator of our ignorance. As we are students of Yoga and Sufism, so they should be excused. Lessons that may be received by the reader are because of the blessings of God, who is merciful to all.

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Lalit & Manju Kilam
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