Energy Science in Vedas: A Treatise on Vedic Thermodynamics and Free Energy (Exploring Lost Science and Technology in Vedas)

Energy Science in Vedas: A Treatise on Vedic Thermodynamics and Free Energy (Exploring Lost Science and Technology in Vedas)

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The purpose of this work is to propagate Vedic energy doctrines and related fundamental concepts that led Indian astronomers to the amazing discoveries of zero, infinity and the self driven mercury wheel. Authors have attempted to show that Vedic hymns devoted to a number of powers of nature provide a good opportunity to investigate fundamental principles of energy and their diverse forms like gravity, heat, light, electromagnetic energy and their various manifestation; this has been achieved by exploring attributes, has been achieved by exploring attributes, properties, activities and functions of Vedic gods viz., Agni, India, Surya, Ashvins etc which are actually personification of natural forces sung by Vedic Rishis. Vedic cosmology, Vedic astronomy and Vedic mechanics are based on the principle of cyclical perpetual motion. Hymns devoted to Agni, Nasadiya Sukta and Asyavamsaya hymns have been interpreted in details to show that Vedic energy science stands in flagrant contradiction to classical thermodynamics. According to authors of this book, a critical survey of Vedic hymns show that Self-moving principle is central to Vedic philosophy, mechanics, astronomy and cosmology, a detailed study of which forms the foundations of "Vedic Energy Science." The investigations into "Vedic Energy Science" lead to a holistic worldview which is in contradiction with fragmentary worldview that emerges from the study if thermodynamics. The exploration of "Vedic Energy Science" constitute a radically new frontier of knowledge in the contemporary world, opening out vistas of what it is possible for mankind to know and to realize, which extend far beyond present scientific conceptions, and which urgently demand a revaluation of current paradigms of energy and a re-evaluation of erroneous conceptions, law and theories of science and over all limits of scientific knowledge. Philosophy of action, devotion and salvation has been explored by exemplifying various amazing inventions of Rbhus with special emphasis on self moving Vehicles. In essence energy is one and parallels between Vedic monistic doctrines and modern theories of physics like quantum mechanics, relativity have been drawn.

Vedic God Indra has been extensively investigated to find out various properties of gravity. The relationship between forms and function, structure and expression as regards to gravity and heat leads to conception of Self moving self regulated and self evolved universe. The same principles have been applied to the construction of a self moving gravity wheel that was actually proposed by Indian astronomers and later invented by councillor Orffyreus (1681-2745) in Germany. The story of Orffyreus has been retold to support Self moving principle in new light.

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