Brhat-Samhita of Varaha-Mihira(Set of Two Volumes)

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Varahamihira is considered to be the foremost Hindu Astronomer and Astrologer. He was master of all the three sections of Astrology. The outstanding works of Varahamihira are— 1. Brhat Saffihita. 2. Brhad Jataka, 3. Laghu Jataka. 4. Brhad Yogayatra, 5. SamAsa Sathhita etc.
Brhat Sathhita is the most celebrated work of Varahamihira. The 106 chapters of the Brhat Sarhhita contain all the practical and useful knowledge of the astronomical aspects for the daily life of the people in general. The chapters of this book contain in depth information about Astronomy, Geography, Meteorology, Portents, Agriculture, Economics, Physiognomy, Botany, Zoology, Erotics, Gemology, Augurus. Calendar, Stellar lore etc.
The present edition of Brhat Saitihita is a compilation of two texts out of which one is in Sanskrit language edited by Prof. Hendrick Kern - a well-known German scholar and the other is the English translation of the Brhat Sathhita by N. Chidambaram Iyer again a well- known South-Indian scholar. Both the texts have been edited thoroughly by the present editor Dr. Shri Krishna ‘Jugnu’ and the outcome is the present edition of Brhat Samfihita which is the first and the most unique of its type. This edition not only includes complete Sanskrit Text and English Translation, but also important Notes at various places and an Index of Verses at the last.

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N. Chidambaram lyer
Sanskrit Text with English Translation
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