Beyond The Mind

Beyond The Mind

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David Frawley is the author of many books on the spiritual traditions of India and is one of the few Westemers ever recognized in India as a Vedacharya or teacher of the Vedic Tradition.Beyond the mind presents the essential knowledge and insights taken from his in depth studies free of any technical terms for the benefit of the broader audience of all those interested in the fundamental issues of human life. Beyond the mind is a profound examination of the nature of the mind and of what we call reality. It raises fundamental questions as to the nature of the self and the nature of the world. It is a provocative challenge to all that we commonly dimension of being in which alone may be the solution to our present personal and collective problems.Mr. Frawley has synthesized the fundamental truths of the heart of all spiritual teaching and placed his findings before the reader as a unified whole.Each meditation in beyond the mind bears careful study and though on the part of the reader while application of the fruits of such contemplation will certainly lead the reader forward on his or her own path whatever it may be.David Frawley is a superb bridge builder and an original mind who constantly look fro new ways to make the ancient wisdom accessible and relevant to modern student. He is steeped in India’s traditional knowledge without having discarded the best of our western heritage. I look forward to every new publication form his pen because I know I will learn from and be inspired by it.

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David Frawley
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