Ashtanga Yoga Complete Manual

Ashtanga Yoga Complete Manual

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Ashtanga Yoga Complete Manual

The basics of ashtanga yoga cannot be learned enough. Because yoga practice is progressive it is important to go through this manual in the order it is presented. However, if you are having difficulty with any of the postures go back to the beginning. Keep in mind that the true source of understanding is in the basic principals underlying the asanas. Take your time and learn the fundamentals of the practice. Go slowly. Never force or push yourself into a posture, be patient, and all will come in time. What’s the rush? If you are experiencing any health problems, consult your yoga teacher or a health advisor before beginning the exercises in the manual. This manual is a guide to be used in conjunction with classes and is not a substitute for the personal attention and assistance of a teacher. Most of all, have fun! Enjoy the process of building your yoga practice and bringing peace into your life and those around you.

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