An Encyclopaedia of Jainism

An Encyclopaedia of Jainism

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The present book AN ENCYCWPAEDIA OF JAINISM, is a compilation' forming' an epitome having for its basis the most orthodox principles, doctrine and tenets as found in the original work of authority and high antiquity as promulgated on the subject by Jaina speculative writers and conformed to by accurate thinkers in their spiritual inquiries.

The book is divided into forty one Chapters. Ch. I Jainism-Its philosophy and religion; Ch. II Predicaments by pre-eminence; Ch. III Knowledge and its forms; Ch. N Epistemology and logic; Ch. V Pratyaksa is really Proksa; Ch VI The J aina theory of formal logic; Ch. VII The Jaina logic and the Nyayas; Ch. VIII The doctrine of Syadvad; Ch. IX Shankar and Syadvad; Ch. X Examination of Shankar; Ch. XI The Doctrine of unity in difference; Ch. XII The Universe as a self-existent unit; Ch. XIII Theories of evolution; Ch. XN The Sankhya Philosophy; Ch. XV Causation and compound evolution; Ch. XVI God; Ch. XVII Soul; Ch. XVIII The Karma phenomenology; Ch. XIX Christianity and the law of Karma; Ch. XX Belief in rebirth; Ch. XXI Re-birth and karma-sarira; Ch. XXII Kanna-sarira and Oudarika-sarira; Ch. XXIII Free-will and fatalism; Ch. XXN Will and individuality; Ch. XXV Causality in the moral world;.

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P.C. Nahar and K.C.Ghosh
Sri Satguru Publications

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